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The brightest, bad ass, face melting, zombie killing 1000 lumens trouble light.  Oh, and it ain’t cheap!


The trouble light that even works on a sunny day.  Blast your engine compartment with 1000 lumens of white LED light.  Use it at night as a portable sun when setting up a campsite or changing a tire.  Use it as a headlamp if you are caving – it will light up the demons hiding in those dark corners.  Attach it to your motorcycle with Ram-Mount ‘A’ hardware.  Keep it on the boat, or in your trunk.


· 1000 lm white light from (9) LEDs

· Power switch – on, off, flash

· Dimmer control

· Power in green LED indicator

· Neodymium magnets on 4 sides to attach to car

· Compatible with RamMount ‘A’ size components

· (2) ¼ x 20 tapped holes for use with standard tripod

· Integral cord grip for 12v supply cable

· Compatible with standard ‘SAE” two pin male/female plug

· More than 20 lbs of magnetic force for each side.


· Accessories available –

o cig light plug cord

o alligator clip cord

o extension cord

o Ram-Mount balls and clamps for infinite adjustment

o headlamp swivel bracket

o 30mm and 60mm shades to narrow beam